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  • Product name: Hollow Shaft Sealed Spindles
    Product model: VGHFF020NN、VGHFF025NN、VGHFF030NN、VGHFF040NN、VGHFF050NN
    Product series: Hollow Shaft(H)
    产品特点: ·长寿命:无磨损,具有极佳的工作可靠性。 ·高性能:极限真空度10-6Pa,泄漏率10-12Pa.m3/sec。 ·高适应性:从低速到高速,从低压到高压,从室温到高温,均能满足各种设备的要求。
    Remarks :

    •Long Life
    Non-mechanical-wear, High Working Reliability.
    •High Capability
    Degree of vacuum pressure is 10-6 Pa;
    Leakage rates are in the region of 10-12 Pa.m3/sec.
    •High applicability