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1、 The Principle of Ferrofluidics Feedthrough

Sealing techniques of Ferrofluidics take advantage of the response of Ferrofluidics to an applied magnetic fields. When a Ferrofluidics is applied to a gap between the surfaces of rotating and stationary elements in the presence of magnetic field, it assumes the shape of a “Liquid O-ring” to completely fill the gap. Its basic components are a non-magnetic housing, bearings, two pole pieces, a permanent magnet, a magnetic shaft and magnetic fluid. In the action of steady and symmetrical magnetic fields, the Ferrofluidics fill the radial ring completely to form muti-stage "O-rings". Each "O-ring" can sustain a pressure differential of 0.15~0.2 atmospheres. The pressure capacity of entire feedthrough is approximately equal to the sum of the individual stages. It is usually designed as 2.5 atmospheres which absolutely satisfies vacuum feedthroughs. Besides, we also have used it in high-pressure feedthroughs.



2、 The performance of Ferrofluidics Feedthroughs.

1. Long Life
   Non-mechanical-wear, High Working Reliability.
2. High Capability
   Degree of vacuum pressure is 10-6 Pa;
   Leakage rates are in the region of 10-12Pa.m3/sec.
3. High applicability
Satisfying with all of the equipments from low speed to high speed, from low pressure to high pressure, from low temperature to high temperature.

3、 The application of Ferrofluidics Feedthroughs

Today, more and more Ferrofluidics feedthroughs are applied to free operation in instrumentation and process, for example, single crystal Silicon furnace, Sputtering, CVD, Liquid Crystal Display process, EPI, Computer harddisk, robot and army-industry products, etc. 
Now our main products have solid shaft series, hollow shaft series and composite series. In additional, we can design for customers special requirements.

4、 The type of Ferrofluidics Feedthroughs

Shape of shaft: Solid Shaft(S), Hollow Shaft(H), Coaxial Type(C)
Housing: Flange Mount(F), Through Mount(T), Nut Mount(N)
Working Condition: Ordinary Gas(L), Reactive Gas(F)
Cooling Way: Natural Cooling(N), Water Cooling(W)
Load Condition: Normal Structure(N), Heavy Structure(H)