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一、Nationwide warranty service

Any ferrofluid feedthrough produced by Zhejiang Micromagnatic Precision Technology Company has its only PN and SN numbers for ID identification Wherever inside PRC (excluding Hongkong, Macao, and Taiwan) you purchase this company’s feedthroughs through its authorized agencies, you are entitled to gain warranty service from this company if feedthrough fails to work during warranty period.

二、Warranty period

From the date of purchase (based on purchasing invoice) from this company, customers are entitled to enjoy free services during warranty period according to purchasing contract. During warranty period, this company is responsible for servicing or replacing damaged parts for free if they are caused by the product’s own quality. As warranty period expires, this company will only charge the cost fees for servicing or replacing damaged parts no matter what the reason for damage is.

三、Warranty scope

1.Free maintenance won’t be given by this company under the following circumstances. Yet customers have the option for maintenance at their own expenses.

· When warranty period expires;

· The breakdown or damage caused by customer’s failure to follow the instructions for usage, maintenance, or preservation;

· The breakdown or damage caused by unusual reasons such as the drop, crush, high temperature, corrosion, or foreign articles penetrating the product;

· The breakdown or damage caused by force majeure such as natural disaster, war etc.

· Dismantling, servicing or installation by anyone other than this company authorized service provider or personnel;

· Products of no serial number or warranty card; products with its serial number or tag label unclear or damaged or unrecognizable;

· If customers require services at their own expenses, do not hesitate to contact. Cost fees for this maintenance will be charged, including traffic cost if there is.

2.Servicing procedures

If products you purchase from this company work abnormally, you may contact technical engineers or customer service representatives of the company via telephones, emails etc. Our service specialists will ask you of detailed information and malfunction behavior of the product to help you make an initial diagnosis. Please give your active cooperation. If hardware failure has been confirmed, please send or post to maintenance site of our company as given by our service personnel. Based on PN and SN information of the feedthrough product, we will incorporate the failure diagnosis to tell whether the maintenance is for free or at customer’s expense. If the maintenance is at customer’s expense, our personnel will inform you of maintenance fees upon an objective judgment and carry out maintenance if you require. 

Note: Please ensure that product to be well packed and shockproof. Choose appropriate transport means and transport contractor, and cover transport insurance for the product. In no event shall Hangzhou Vigor Magnetic&Electronic Technology Company be liable for loss arising out of transportation.